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First of Three-Part Interview With Bernadette Mayer Is at Coldfront March 27, 2014: At Coldfront, Stephanie Anderson interviews Bernadette Mayer! Part one of three installments is up today. "Throughout Anderson’s interview she discusses Mayer’s involvement with small press publishing, the Poetry Project, and Mayer’s poetry—all of which has forever altered the landscape of poetry." They also discuss 0 To 9, the [...] by

Danielle Pafunda’s Natural History Rape Museum March 21, 2014: At Coldfront, a natural pairing: Timothy Liu reviews Danielle Pafunda's Natural History Rape Museum (Bloof Books 2013). Liu writes: "[N]o other book I know has so thoroughly shaken the fuckwad out of my pudenda." More: Disclosures: I heard her perform many of these poems at the Lynchian Jewel Box Theater in Seattle (sans cellist!) and [...] by

Part II: Andrea Rexilius on Laura (Riding) Jackson March 11, 2014: As promised last week, Part II of Andrea Rexilius's essay on Laura (Riding) Jackson and the self is here at last, brought to you by Coldfront. Laura (Riding) Jackson’s most narrative poems, the “poems of mythic occasion” again detail a personal history that transcends any specific self by focusing on human relationships to [...] by

Poetry Serves Itself: Andrea Rexilius on Laura (Riding) Jackson February 27, 2014: We were wondering when another great read about Laura (Riding) Jackson would come along. Just our luck, today at Coldfront is Andrea Rexilius's "Against the Commodity of the Poem (part 1)," wherein she discusses Jackson's critical work (often co-written with Robert Graves), her ideas of the self as a system of poetics, new relationships to the [...] by

Speaking Necrotics: A Review of Anselm Berrigan & Jonathan Allen’s Loading February 10, 2014: At Coldfront, Virginia Konchan reviews Loading (Brooklyn Arts Press 2013), Anselm Berrigan's collaborative book with artist Jonathan Allen. "Anselm Berrigan treats postmodern ennui and the poets’ perennial search for a deictic axis to anchor words in space and time; he also uses them as a poetic compass to express the need, however [...] by

Join Coldfront and Hatchet Job on Jan. 9 to Celebrate a Successful 2013 January 2, 2014: As of this moment, Coldfront Magazine has pushed over its $5,000 goal, with 10 days left in their Kickstarter campaign to redesign the magazine. Congrats! Funds raised will go toward "more efficiency, easier access, and to allow for more regular posting of poetry reviews, features, interviews, and more." The more abstract import: The [...] by

A Well-Meant Complement: Timothy Liu on the Fine Art of Blurbing December 3, 2013: Is it time for the new critical genre of blurb review? Timothy Liu takes stock at Coldfront: Shall we talk about blurbs? Is it crass to critique a well-meant compliment? Perhaps. But a corrective may be in order. Many poets, poet-editors, and poet-critics gush to a disingenuous fault. Cocktail chatter can provide ample evidence. Such [...] by

This Essay About Erik Satie & My Dinner With Andre Is Really About Money November 14, 2013: But what isn't? Gold? All right. Andy Mister wrote about Erik Satie, My Dinner with Andre, Dead C, and Han-Joachim Roedelius for Coldfront's Poets Off Poetry series: At the beginning of My Dinner with Andre, Wallace Shawn walks around lower Manhattan. The city looks the same as it does now—but different. The subway cars still have [...] by

Winners of The Bachelorette Publish Book of Poetry August 30, 2013: Coldfront reports that the winner of The Bachelorette (that's on TV) has published a book of poems! Will wonders never. More: Chris Siegfried, winner of the 2013 season of The Bachelorette, has released a book of poetry. The book titled Diamonds + Hearts: A Poetic Memoir contains 44 love poems that Siegfried penned for Desiree Hartsock. [...] by

A Perfect Misunderstanding: On Sampson Starkweather’s First Four Books August 20, 2013: Coldfront writer Mark Gurarie reviews The First Four Books of Sampson Starkweather (Birds LLC 2013), by, well, Sampson Starkweather. The book has already gotten plump backing (ow) from HTMLGIANT and C. D. Wright at PEN America, who briskly wrote: "The chapbook has been his signature unit. At least nine of them. At least four have been [...] by