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Patricia Lockwood ‘Rape Joke’ Poem Is World-Famous July 29, 2013: Patricia Lockwood's new poem, "Rape Joke," was published last week at The Awl, and was all over the internets in the hours following, i.e., it's gone viral, says Coldfront. Patricia Lockwood’s long poem “Rape Joke,” published yesterday by Mark Bibbins at The Awl, received more than 10,000 Facebook “likes” within hours of being [...] by

Laura Sims Reviews Lorine Niedecker’s Lake Superior July 24, 2013: Seems like one our favorite objectivists has been on the minds of poets a plenty! Laura Sims reviews Lorine Niedecker's Lake Superior (Wave Books 2013) for Coldfront! She gives it a million stars. According to Wave, the book "is a collection of personal, geologic, and historical writings by Lorine Niedecker and others. It includes the poet’s [...] by

Coldfront Interviews Bright Brave Phenomena: Amanda Nadelberg June 13, 2013: Amanda Nadelberg, author of Bright Brave Phenomena (Coffeehouse Press, 2012) is in the spotlight at Coldfront, fielding questions about process, inspiration, and bravery from Coldfront's-own, Nick Sturm. Be sure to check out Nadelberg's ethereal, fully-realized poem at the end too, "Symphony of Leaves." Here's one of our favorite moments from [...] by

Coldfront Interviews Becca Klaver on ‘LA and Real Magic’ February 7, 2013: In a two-part interview at Coldfront Magazine, Becca Klaver talks about her book, LA Liminal as well as her editorial work. We love that interviewer Eva Heisler begins the dialog by asking Klaver to talk about her local experience of LA even though city appears in LA Liminal as "a screen image, attitude, and free-floating threshold." Klaver [...] by

Coldfront Covers Berrigan’s Irrelevance February 5, 2013: Nick Sturm offers some notes on Anselm Berrigan's Notes From Irrelevance over at Coldfront today, writing that Berrigan's latest is "a 65-page stanza with lines between two and seven words in length, the result of which is a continual column of language." Continual columns of language—we love them! More from Sturm: Berrigan makes [...] by

Coldfront’s Open Letter to Washington Post Poetry Lover Alexandra Petri January 23, 2013: We just pointed you to Alexandra Petri's Washington Post editorial that poetry is dead. "News" travels fast, and upon waking this afternoon, we see that Coldfront's John Deming has written an open letter to Petri in response. He's got his own specific viewpoint, of course: "A requirement of political change is too much to ask of any artist." But [...] by

Coldfront Interviews Brett Price About American Books (the Press) December 27, 2012: This one was posted on December 24; let us not let it pass us by! Coldfront's Steven Karl interviews Brett Price, poet and editor of the very new press American Books. Here's a bit from their conversation: SK: American Books is a new press with only one publication (as of this interview). Could you give me some background details on the [...] by