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Charmless and Interesting: What Conceptual Poetry Lacks and What It’s Got August 2, 2013: [Note: Poetry will be featuring online exclusives by contributors as a way to respond to and comment on immediate, lively debates in poetry. This first installment is by Robert Archambeau.] Fourteen months after reading at the White House, Kenneth Goldsmith found himself in the real center of American power: cable television.  His [...] by

Calvin Bedient on Affect in Poetry at Boston Review July 25, 2013: Boston Review posted this thought-provoking piece by Calvin Bedient called "Against Conceptualism: Defending the Poetry of Affect." The lengthy essay considers why "more poets are suspicious of lyrical expression and devote themselves to emotionally neutral methods" and why that shift is an indicator of the demise of a broader culture. As [...] by

Notes on Conceptualism May 2, 2013: What does conceptual poetry have to do with conceptual poetry? Is conceptual poetry conceptual poetry? Is conceptual poetry poetry? Conceptual poetry is mainly about unearthing neuroses in the minds of the people who make it. By far and away / the most common of these is obsessive-compulsive disorder. * Hunting and gathering is its [...] by

Mark Rutkoski, Words of Love May 1, 2013: There is a sense in which every “pure” conceptual writing project feels like it has already been done before: the production of the text depends upon the prior existence of the text. This is necessary to the signature aura of travesty that fuels conceptualism. The reader must begin from an awareness of having been ripped off, or at least [...] by

National Poetry Month Public Service Overview April 8, 2013: As a public service, since it’s National Poetry Month, and since there seems to be a considerable deficit of awareness about what contemporary poetry is all about, I thought I’d provide a brief overview of the different types and brands out there right now. This, I hope, will save the curious but lazy the trouble of having to do a whole [...] by

A Melancholy Sufficiency in a Review of the Dworkin/Goldsmith Anthology of Conceptual Writing October 16, 2012: More on the Los Angeles Review of Books conceptualism tip (you might recall this and this) (oh and then this). Currently, we might feast our eyes on a piece from Peli Grietzer on the Craig Dworkin/Kenny Goldsmith-edited Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing, which both Perloff and Yankelevich alluded to in their essays. "Who, [...] by

Flarf in the Wall Street Journal May 25, 2010: The Wall Street Journal finds the the fact that "flarf" appeared last year in Poetry magazine a sign that "Google-Inspired Verse Gains Respect." "Flarf is a hip, digital reaction to the kind of boring, genteel poetry" popular with everyday readers, says Marjorie Perloff, a poetry critic and professor emeritus of English at Stanford [...] by

Flarf and Conceptual Writing in Poetry Magazine July 1, 2009: An introduction to the 21st Century's most controversial poetry movements. From the July/August 2009 Issue of Poetry Magazine by Kenneth Goldsmith Start making sense. Disjunction is dead. The fragment, which ruled poetry for the past one hundred years, has left the building. Subjectivity, emotion, the body, and desire, as expressed in [...] by