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Avant-Garde Cooptation April 7, 2014: What follows is a brief account of avant-garde cooptation at work in conceptual writing and the related practice of “curating” digital archives of experimental art and literature. First what was the avant-garde? Not easily pinned down, it is usually taken for granted as a 20th century genealogy of passionate formal innovation and [...] by

Flaunt Magazine: ‘All Poetry Is Poems’ March 14, 2013: The folks at fashioncentric Flaunt magazine have devoted a recent Au Contraire section to poetry. 18 pages of John Ashbery, Fiona Banner, Caroline Bergvall, Derek Beaulieu, Erica Baum, Kenneth Goldsmith, Christian Bök, and Alexander Grant, to be exact. Who knew Flaunt was interested in poetry, let alone innovative and emerging conceptual [...] by

Conceptual Writing [verb, repeat] and Silence April 29, 2010: I think I’m finally beginning to understand Conceptual Writing thanks to Kenneth Goldsmith, who, in his consecutive posts on 4.27 and 4.28, drives home his point by employing the sentence “Conceptual writing [verb]” something like twenty-five times. As conceptual writing’s (oops, sorry, Conceptual Writing’s) spokesperson, Goldsmith uses [...] by

One blurb, two blurb, three blurb, thirty blurbs January 19, 2010: Following up on Craig Santos Perez's post on blurbs I offer the following snippet from Vanessa Place's review of Credit, by Matthew Timmons: Timmons collected thirty blurbs for the book, including blurbs from Craig Dworkin, Rodrigo Toscano, and me. I did not read the book, look at a manuscript or pdf, or have any textual interaction beyond [...] by