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Corina Copp and Joel Craig Read this Thursday June 12, 2013: [caption id="attachment_68913" align="alignright" width="500"] Photo of Corina Copp by Tei Blow[/caption] Yes, it's part #deux of the Harriet summer reading series, brought to you by... us... Harriet! And this time we're thrilled to host Corina Copp, who's coming in from Brooklyn, and one of our favorite Chicago poets Joel Craig. Stop by the [...] by

Announcing The Claudius App III: AMERICAN HANGOVER EDITION July 6, 2012: There's a strategically placed fortune on our Harriet desk that's going on about a secret admirer soon sending signs of affection. We like this: "[I]t IS ALL A HOT BECOMING"--The Claudius App III has just gone lighght; i.e, OUT NOW. We've pointed you there for previous issues. This one includes a negative review of Heather Christle (on [...] by

I Am Not a Medieval Egyptian Hermit but All Work Moves at the Same Speed as if Allowing the Desert to Speak About Lyric Conceptualism and Lisa Robertson April 27, 2012: The last possible day! It's wonderful to hear that Lisa Robertson has a new book out, especially if it's one that sheds light on her reading and writing practices. Sina Queyras's most recent post troubles Robertson's logic of the melancholy; and coming out of Night 1 at The Public School/Recess workshop "Dark Nights of the Universe," in which [...] by

In Which I Try to Disburden Texts but Also Thank Reading for Swallowing Up My Problems April 13, 2012: That's "Reading" taking shape as Edith Sitwell's "hot sun," that "country giant that has swallowed up all the gold spangles of the dew...and has dried all the haycocks until they are dry and rustling as his own rays." Mm. (I blame Alexander Pope.) I think if you are reading enough—"enough," of course, would be a feeling; that is, up to you, [...] by

Few Women Have Written Retirement Plans April 6, 2012: Finally they've halted the applause in the conference room over a promotion and those extremely small cupcakes. What more frightening than clapping in the office. Writing for Harriet during National Poetry Month? Perhaps! I shall now commence to getrightpast several of my concerns about this issue, so that the rest of my April posts might cause me [...] by

ON Contemporary Practice Volume 2 February 9, 2010: For anyone out in the Bay Area tomorrow night, coeditors Michael Cross and Kyle Schlesinger, and a critical mass of Bay Area contributors will launch ON Contemporary Practice 2 at Moe’s Books in Berkeley. When Michael, Kyle, and I conceived of the journal about two and a half years ago it was at the Tile Bar in the East Village after a [...] by