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Craig Santos Perez Weighs in on Dead Poetry, Rhetoric of Empire January 25, 2013: Craig Santos Perez has put to paper his own thoughts on Richard Blanco as inaugural poet for the Kenyon Review blog, while keeping in mind the reasoning behind choosing Blanco as the eventual man for the job: "Why banish poets from the empire if empire can use poets towards its own ends?" This relates to this week's conversation about poetry [...] by

Craig Santos Perez on why white editors are so mean May 13, 2011: Craig Santos Perez recently returned from the Los Angeles Times Book Festival, where he was a speaker on a panel called “The Poet’s Responsibility: Poetic Tradition, Social Values, and Contemporary Culture," and he’s done a stellar job of reporting back about the fest on his Jacket2 blog (there was a Poetry Stage!). Writes Perez, “Los [...] by

Reading, and What’s On My Radar April 26, 2011: Holla, Rigoberto! Whatchu reading, you ask. Actually, I am reading the boisterous novel, Leche, by poet and novelist R. Zamora Linmark, as he will be in San Francisco this week, and I will be interviewing him at his I-Hotel Manilatown event (which falls on the same day as my 40th birthday). I also wanted to link to some poetry happenings, books, [...] by

Cultural narratives find community at Poets House November 24, 2010: In a November 13th discussion at Poets House on “(Re) Writing Culture,” Sueyeun Juliette Lee "said that one of her main concerns is 'achieving a sense of belonging' and she posited, 'alienation is the root of world problems.'” Each of the three poets featured-- Lee, whose work explores the multiple "national spaces" she exists in as a [...] by

Salute to the Bloggers February 4, 2010: [audio:http://www.poetryfoundation.org/harriet/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Salute-to-the-Harriet-Bloggers1.mp3] by

Indie Publishing: Two Questions and More Answers October 31, 2009: Regarding my previous post on indie publishing, Glen has commented, "In some ways I feel like there’s too much poetry being published right now and not enough filtering, so it’s interesting to hear from people who feel the opposite." To this, I've responded that his question "leads to the question of filtering, the criteria for filtering, and [...] by