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Cuneiform Press Features Paul Blackburn’s The Nets July 1, 2014: The good folks at Cuneiform Press have done us a solid once again, this time by posting a searchable PDF of Paul Blackburn’s 1961 book The Nets (Trobar Books). What else is there to say but get [...] by

Open Eyes, Open Space May 8, 2014: Holy moley! Kyle Schlesinger just posted the complete set of Stan Persky’s 1964 mimeo magazine, Open Space, onto the Cuneiform Press website! Why not start with Issue 0 of Open Space: A [...] by

Happy Birthday, Ted Greenwald! December 19, 2013: Happy birthday to the much-admired, ever-prolific Ted Greenwald! To celebrate the occasion, we present Ted reading “In Your Dreams” at the Kelly Writers House in 2010 (thanks to Stacy [...] by

Creeley Broadside from Cuneiform Press? Yes, Please! October 25, 2013: We’ve been stoked by the Creeley / Dorn connection this month, what with the portfolio of Creeley letters in this month’s issue of Poetry. So we were thrilled to see the good folks at [...] by