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New Poems from Marcel Proust, D. H. Lawrence & F. Scott Fitzgerald March 27, 2013: Lots of new poetry arrivals from old prose hats today: Jacket Copy notes that a lot of handwritten poems by F. Scott Fitzgerald are to be auctioned, including one for actress Helen Hayes's daughter, Mary McArthur ("--- Put her in pigtails and give her to me"); and The Daily Beast gives us Proust's first poem, "Pederasty," written at age 17 and [...] by

D.H. Lawrence’s Uncensored War Poems March 25, 2013: Over the weekend the Guardian reported on a sequence of war poems by D.H. Lawrence that were hacked away at by the censor's pen and rendered "virtually meaningless." Now, those poems are being published and restored to their Lawrence-intended versions. More: D.H. Lawrence was an infamous victim of the censor as his sexually explicit [...] by

The Paris Review on D.H. Lawrence’s “Pomegranates” July 12, 2012: D.H. Lawrence is better known for his novels, but his poems have a special fierceness about them. As part of their "The Poem Stuck In My Head" series, The Paris Review posted a brief musing on Lawrence's poem, "Pomegranates." Lawrence does not deny the pomegranate its history of love and death, but neither does he view that history as [...] by

Don’t Wax the Poem April 1, 2010: Maybe all poets are nerds or they wouldn’t be poets. But not all poets write nerdy. Some are suave, which can be a good thing. Some are elegant in an elegant way. Nerds can be elegant in a backwards way, by retaining their bumps and inelegances, bumptious idiosyncrasies, a being-in-life at least as much as in-literature. There’s plenty to [...] by