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The 2013 Midwest Small Press Festival Kicks off Tomorrow May 30, 2013: It's going to be a festival for sure. The best kind, a small press poetry festival! Following on the heels of last year's successful event, the Midwest Small Press Festival is back with year #2. Kicking things off this year are our friends Cathy Wagner and Dana Ward (who, coincidentally, are standing right here at Harriet headquarters as we [...] by

Remember, Cathy Wagner and Dana Ward Are Reading Tomorrow! May 29, 2013: Yes, our Harriet summer reading series is popping off starting tomorrow with Cathy Wagner and Dana Ward! We're opening the doors at 6:30 pm at the PoFo, reading to commence at the strike of 7:00. All ye need to know can be found here. by

Thom Donovan / The Hole / Displaced Press / 2012 April 12, 2013: The Hole is presented as in process of completion / perhaps as still in process but not (not) toward completion – the title is hand-written on the cover / there’s some scribbling / a bar code / and a photo the image of a paper clip holds to the cover’s edge – the notes / which describe for the most part when the poems were written or [...] by

National Poetry Month Public Service Overview April 8, 2013: As a public service, since it’s National Poetry Month, and since there seems to be a considerable deficit of awareness about what contemporary poetry is all about, I thought I’d provide a brief overview of the different types and brands out there right now. This, I hope, will save the curious but lazy the trouble of having to do a whole [...] by

Welcoming Hannah Gamble March 1, 2013: Many, many thanks to Dana Ward who lit up Harriet this month with some fabulous writing. Today we're thrilled to welcome Hannah Gamble as our featured blogger for the month of March. Check back in with us over the next 31 days to see what Hannah will be cooking up! by

We Welcome Dana Ward February 1, 2013: [caption id="attachment_60414" align="alignright" width="500"] Photo by Alan Bernheimer.[/caption] We're excited to host Dana Ward as the Featured Blogger in February. Lisa Jarnot got the year off to a great start; now we're revving up with the poetic stylings of Mr. Ward. Be on the lookout through the month for Dana's posts. Until they start [...] by

Locating Oneself in the Complex Continuum of Dana Ward’s This Can’t Be Life January 10, 2013: Joshua Ware reviews Dana Ward's This Can't Be Life, noting a certain "draining effect" and inscribing that with positive complexity. "[I]n the manner [Ward] conflates memoir with poetry, it 'wouldn’t be wrong to…call' the space he creates 'life. Nor would it be wrong to call it poetry'." More: ...The mixture of life and art, prose [...] by

New to the Archive January 8, 2013: Let's crack into the stacks to see what's been added to the online archive since we last checked in. Joining the archive (yes, that's a ligature pun) are a heap of poems by Forrest Gander. We like this one ("Bridge & Swimmer") in particular. We're slowly adding heft to our Robert Duncan offerings with "This Place Rumord to Have Been [...] by

SPD’s Mixtape Sale Features Writers Listing Books They Like So That You May Purchase ‘Em Cheap December 17, 2012: If books are on your list (aren't they always!), check out the SPD Mixtape Sale, where "writers list books they like, and we put them on sale." Writers feat. (in a businesslike full disclose): Lizzy Acker, Rosa Alcalá, Blake Butler, Corina Copp, Nicolle Elizabeth, Kevin Killian, Amy King, Miranda Mellis, Barbara Jane Reyes, Elizabeth [...] by

Read the Sun Rising on Dana Ward’s Year in Music November 28, 2012: Dana Ward gives us more than "A Year in Music" for Coldfront's Poets off Poetry feature! First dusts off any "pervasive gloom" hanging onto 2012, in that said gloom "resulted from the usual incitements—another malicious electoral charade, the daily abasements of resurgent bigotries, the swelling American gulag for the vulnerable, generalized [...] by