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SPD’s Mixtape Sale Features Writers Listing Books They Like So That You May Purchase ‘Em Cheap December 17, 2012: If books are on your list (aren’t they always!), check out the SPD Mixtape Sale, where “writers list books they like, and we put them on sale.” Writers feat. (in a businesslike full [...] by

Read the Sun Rising on Dana Ward’s Year in Music November 28, 2012: Dana Ward gives us more than “A Year in Music” for Coldfront’s Poets off Poetry feature! First dusts off any “pervasive gloom” hanging onto 2012, in that said gloom [...] by

Hey Dana Ward, What’s Up? September 25, 2012: Over at Take Down the Clouds, Dana Ward gives a series of spirited answers to a handful of questions, as per the format. We love the answer Dana gives to the prompt: What are you working on and what [...] by

“The Crisis of Infinite Worlds” July 19, 2012: Dana Ward on video at the Huffington Post! What’s it all about? Well, this: Ward takes us to an alternate universe where to quote from movies, graffiti, and the experience of walking through [...] by

“Our songs were like a movie of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ made in a commune by the sentient effluvia of nothing, mainly gold, & demanding you tell them you loved them.” July 2, 2012: Over at Joyland Poetry Dana Ward is representing the Midwest with “Our Song: after Joe Brainard” (quoted above). Also check out more great work by Frank Sherlock, Darren Bifford, Sophie [...] by

Danny’s Reading Series this Wednesday June 11, 2012: Last week we were stoked about Ron Silliman posting readings from the Cy Press reading series. Now, for those of you hanging around Chicago this Wednesday evening, head over to Danny’s to check [...] by

Silliman’s serving Cy Press poetry June 6, 2012: We want to give a huge thanks to Ron Silliman for connecting us to the Cy Press Reading Series, via PennSound. Thus far this week, he’s posted readings by Stephanie Young, Brandon Brown, Arlo [...] by

The Poetry Project’s Swinging in Spring with Thurston Moore & John Zorn May 2, 2012: Wow wow! It’s springtime and all is abloom! For those of us in the arts, it also means it’s benefit season! If you’re in the New York area, this one is plenty worth the duckets: At [...] by

New Responses at the Poetic Labor Project Include Dana Ward, Bhanu Kapil & ter Braak May 26, 2011: The Poetic Labor Project, a collective research blog centered around the discussion of poetics and labor, has some newness afoot. They’ve posted a third round of responses (also available as a [...] by

Others Letters: Dana Ward February 17, 2010: This past month I started corresponding with Dana Ward, someone who I’ve felt myself in orbit with for years now, but who I only met this past summer at a party where he read with Brandon Brown and [...] by