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Shake Your Money Maker December 3, 2013: 1994. You were supposed to be a visual artist or a musician but somewhere you ended up here.  Hanging upside down in a NYC train. Carhartt overalls and PNB Nation jacket. Black Classic Nikes.  The Afro is a natural.  Not a wig.  You see, you were in a fashion spread before Terrance Hayes, but Terrance was a poet before you.  That’s one [...] by

The Making of This: Part I March 15, 2011: Or: on writing text for K.J. Holmes’s “This is Where We Are (or take arms against a sea of troubles).” Performed at The Chocolate Factory, L.I.C NY, March 9-12, 2011 Performed by: Jodi Bender, Keith Biesack, K.J. Holmes, Marin Sander-Holzman, Kathy Westwater, Devika Wickremesinghe. Music performed by: Doug MacKenzie, David Moss [...] by

“A multidisciplinary feat of beauty from the heart of Montreal’s poetry scene” February 25, 2011: Disappear - from the CD To Call Out in the Night by Pharmakon MTL from Ian Ferrier on Vimeo. Art Threat talks with Montreal poet Ian Ferrier about his live improvisation with the band Pharmakon MTL and its use in the video above as part of the media artist pk langshaw's d_verse project. Adding up the collaborators, that's one poet, three [...] by