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Listening to Juana Molina and Making a Mixtape November 11, 2013: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF28IgHV1pk In a different life I would have been the person who produces soundtracks for movies. I love music, but more importantly I like thinking about what songs go together, however disparate they may seem from one another. My brother and I have been exchanging CDs for twenty years, and I also love making [...] by

What Is Urgent Poetry? 5 Poets Respond September 12, 2013: Again and again you come across terms that define the poetry of this or that poet. For my own work, they often say, “hers is an urgent poetry.” I’m trying to find out if there exists a consensus, more or less, to this definition. Here are the responses of five poets, and if I had been in the same room I wouldn’t lose the thread of the [...] by

PEN Announces 2013 Translation Fund Winners July 23, 2013: For the tenth year PEN's Translation Fund has selected a handful of its Advisory Board's favorite works for funding. Per their site: This year, as in the past, the PEN/Heim Translation Fund plays a critical role in bringing important works of literature from around the world to an English-speaking audience through vivid and elegant [...] by

Daniel Borzutzky Is ‘Demolished by’ Sergej Timofejev in Russian Poetry Section of New Fence February 27, 2013: Daniel Borzutzky writes on the new issue of Fence (Winter 2012-13) for Montevidayo--specifically, a dossier of Russian poetry, and more specifically, “The Doll Incident,” by Sergej Timofejev, translated by Keven M.F. Platt, Julia Bloch, Maya Vinokour, and Timofejev himself. "[T]his poem by Timofejev just blew me away," writes Borzutzky. [...] by

Read Daniel Borzutzky’s ‘Data Harbor’ at BOMB January 4, 2013: We'd highly recommend a gander at this: Chicago poet Daniel Borzutzky has some new work in BOMB's First Proof, and they've put the data up for your digital eyes. An excerpt from "Data Harbor" (please read the full text there): I. The manager at Data Harbor quit her job to become a conceptual artist. She used to oversee the [...] by