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Lift Up Your Heads! Daniil Kharms at The Last Futurist Lab / Emergency INDEX Launch at The Kitchen March 13, 2012: EVENT HORIZON, folks. A couple of must-sees for you New Yorkers (or visitors!): 1. TARGET MARGIN'S 0,2012: The Last Futurist Lab. "Explores the Russian avant-garde, aiming to find the literary hooligan in us all." Quite noteworthy here is the Karma Kharms (or yarns by Kharms)* -- actor/director Eliza Bent puts poet/translator Matvei [...] by

Eugene Ostashevsky at 3:AM March 6, 2012: 3:AM Magazine has posted a great conversation between Eugene Ostashevsky and SJ Fowler. They begin by discussing Daniil Kharms's writing and influence, then turn to Ostashevsky's own poetry: Look, Kharms and his friends are the first Russian poetry group to take something akin to a linguistic turn. They are not after the Logos, as the Futurists [...] by