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Dante May Have Had Narcolepsy September 25, 2013: Turns out high school students aren't to blame for dozing off while reading The Divine Comedy-- Giuseppe Plazzi, an Italian neuro-motor scientist recently claimed that the rhetoric of Dante's canonical work suggests that Dante most likely suffered from narcolepsy. Previous reports surmised the guy just really liked to sleep in, so Plazzi's new [...] by

Mary Jo Bang’s Inferno Translation Reviewed February 6, 2013: Most poets and scholars have a favorite translation of Dante's Inferno. We freely admit to having a soft spot for the first U.S. translation by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, but we know that not every reader wants a version rendered with such romantic language. For rhyme purists, there's Laurence Binyon's translation rendered in terza rima (with [...] by

Helen Vendler calls Dante “Fatally Insusceptible to Translation” October 11, 2012: In the latest issue of The New Republic, Helen Vendler reviews Andrew Frisardi's recent translation of Dante's pre-Commedia work, the Vita Nova. Somewhat flippantly dismissing any virtues Frisardi's translation may have, Vendler calls Dante's work "fatally insusceptible to translation." The young Dante is someone to whom certain Italian [...] by

For Your Reading Pleasure: The First Canto of Mary Jo Bang’s Inferno September 6, 2012: ! The Poetry Society of America proudly presents the opening lines of Mary Jo Bang's translation of Dante's Inferno! Here, the narrator becomes lost in a forest and comes upon a "bitch kitty" faced she-wolf; fortunately, a ghostly Virgil appears to lead the way. The passage is complete with annotations--go check it out. by

The Odd Call to Ban Dante’s Divine Comedy March 19, 2012: MobyLives points us to the news that a human rights group is calling to ban the work of Dante from Italian schools, having condemned Divine Comedy as "racist, homophobic, anti-Islamist and anti-Semitic." The group, called Gherush 92, is a research organization and consultant to UN bodies on racism and discrimination. The Telegraph [...] by

Dante’s Inferno in MS Paint January 19, 2011: For when even CliffsNotes is too strenuous a challenge, Brandon Matheson has created an abbreviated, animated version of Dante's Inferno. In just under four minutes, you can visit every circle of Hell; hang out with some flaming tombs; meet Plato, Socrates, Virgil (and his gold vanity grillz); and even get into an ancient mythological dispute: [...] by

Spiritual Explorations January 25, 2010: [audio:http://www.poetryfoundation.org/harriet/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Spiritual-Explorations-FINAL.mp3] by