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1968: Poetry’s Year of Years February 22, 2013: Amazing piece at The Rumpus by David Biespiel that tracks poetry through the years, marking it politically. The comments stream is a parlor game in which Biespiel invites you to "name your Year of Years in American Poetry.. and tell us why. Rules: 1) Poems have to still influence today’s poetry. Explain why. 2) The poetry can’t seem [...] by

Lyric Poetry is the Imprint of the Poet’s Mind December 11, 2012: David Biespiel, in this week's Poetry Wire, is taking on lyric poetry. He offers up ten observations, and then asks for yours, dear reader, in the comments section. ' A Sample: I know, just by titling this piece — “What Is Lyric Poetry?” — you’re thinking, no, you’re not. You’re not. You’re not going to do this. Yup. [...] by

Poetry as Nasty as Nunchucks November 29, 2012: That's what David Biespiel is looking for over at The Rumpus. And he travels there by way of the Poets & Writers Tumblr page. For reals—check it out: Who isn’t a devotee of advice from writers about writing? One of my favorite books in this guilty-pleasure genre to come out lately is Dennis O’Driscoll’s collection of witticisms [...] by

Poetry Education or Educating the Poet October 23, 2012: Over at the Rumpus, David Biespiel is being inundated. "All of a sudden my inbox is filling up with links from friends to two essays related to poetry that have almost everything and nothing in common at once, and whose implications say a lot about how the art of poetry gets re- or de- artified." And what essays is he talking about, pray tell? [...] by

David Biespiel Loves on Paris Review app, Recommends it Over MFA October 12, 2012: Here's David Biespiel's Poetry Wire for The Rumpus, in which he praises the Paris Review app and suggests it is better than getting an MFA. A sample: Released just the other day, the new Paris Review app is slender, simple and, for the cost of absolutely nothing, is already worth as much, nay more, than any MFA education now on the [...] by