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The Poetry Drone, Coming to a Sky Near You June 25, 2013: Maybe. If David Shook's Kickstarter campaign achieves liftoff. Jacket Copy reported on this story yesterday here, reminding us: There are several poetry projects on offer on Kickstarter, the crowd-sourcing site popular with artists and other dreamers. Most involve organizing readings and publishing first books and anthologies. The poet [...] by

A New Slap in the Face June 6, 2013: Folks all over the interwebs are getting their lists together for summer reads. If you make your way over to Insert/Blanc Press now, you can be sure to reserve your copy of A Slap in the Face: Four Russian Futurist Manifestos in time for some heady beach reading. This is the first in their "Manifestohs" series, edited by David Shook, and it [...] by