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How to Read Dean Young February 15, 2013: The Huffington Post has posted a review of Dean Young's latest, Bender: New and Selected Poems, a survey of 25 years of his poetry presented in alphabetical order. A gutsy move, no doubt, but the purpose reviewer Bobby Elliot argues "is to make every poem as valuable and potentially related as the next, which is at least a refreshing take on a [...] by

An Interview with Dean Young at BOMBLOG November 1, 2012: Here's a lengthy, wonderful interview Anthony Tognazzini conducted with Dean Young for BOMBLOG. A taste: AT I wonder if you intend your poems to have the effect you feel staring at waves. Do you see your poetry working (or not working) to answer existential and moral questions? I’m thinking of Duchamp’s little dictum “No [...] by

Dean Young chats with The Rumpus May 5, 2011: Only a little over two weeks after his heart transplant surgery, Dean Young joined The Rumpus Poetry Book Club to chat about his collection Fall Higher. The wide-ranging conversation covered everything from Young's typewriter (a 1955 Remington Quiet-Riter: "Old as me but with a ribbon that’s easier to change."), poem titles and health, to the [...] by