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On the ‘Minor’ Ambition of Denise Levertov January 22, 2014: The Collected Poems of Denise Levertov is reviewed by Adam Plunkett for The Nation. “'There are so many pressures on me,' Levertov told Duncan. 'I am only half here.' She would publish nearly twenty more books of poems." Plunkett continues to evoke this sympathetic take for such a resolute writer: "Even with her feet on the ground, she [...] by

My Poetry Picks for 2013 December 18, 2013: These five books got under my skin. They are not books you read once with admiration but that later end up in your basement. They are also not new books in the conventional sense, except for Kate Greenstreet’s Young Tambling, which is about an old ballad and so plays off a song sung long before this year. The rest of these books came [...] by

Denise Levertov’s Late Mystical Life October 8, 2013: At the Huffington Post, Carl McColman considers the role religion played in later life and work of Denise Levertov. McColman reminds us that a full-fledged Levertov revival is underway (not that she's ever been out of our thoughts), what with a new biography and a collected poems being published this fall. Taking a look at Dana Greene's [...] by

All Hail New Biography of Denise Levertov July 9, 2013: Ladies and gentlemen: the poet is in the world. In more ways than one, now that this new biography of Denise Levertov (author of The Poet in the World) has hit the scene. Seattle Times reports that a new biography written by Donna Krolik Hollenberg, published by University of California Press, focuses on Levertov's last years, when she [...] by

PBS Program Looks at the Life of Denise Levertov November 26, 2012: The PBS show "Religion and Ethics Newsweekly" aired this feature on the life of Denise Levertov. Make the jump here to watch a brief interview with Dana Green, Levertov's biographer. by

Close-Reading Denise Levertov Through George Oppen (or Vice-Versa) October 25, 2012: Over at Jacket2: Why George Oppen quarreled with Denise Levertov, by Richard Swigg. Swigg notes that while Robert Duncan's issue with Levertov was on the less fruitful side—"he complained that the subjugation of her poetry to the cause of political activism was creatively damaging," Oppen's was the opposite: The preference [to not [...] by

Fugitives, works in progress, young Duncan, and Marianne Moore May 31, 2012: Our popular annual translation and Q&A issues are part of a long tradition of special issues that have focused on such subjects as the Objectivists (edited by Louis Zukovsky), Chinese poetry, and post-war Italian poetry. This month we’d like to draw attention to two issues in particular: the May 1932 and April-May 1965. Poetry's May 1932 [...] by