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Denise Riley Interviewed at Shearsman Books March 18, 2014: Over the weekend, the Shearsman Review published a conversation between Kelvin Corcoran and Denise Riley, who we've featured here and here relatively recently (full index of DR posts is here). The conversation centers on the sense of what constitutes song vis-à-vis poetry, and how that sense might change over time. They also get into the nuts [...] by

From 2001: Lisa Robertson on Denise Riley June 5, 2013: Whoever Lemon Hound's intern is, we're so grateful! Just posted yesterday is a piece by Lisa Robertson on Denise Riley, originally published in the Globe & Mail on September 8, 2001. Robertson looks at Riley's use of flowers and fauna. An excerpt: They are girls in old holiday photo albums, and they are today’s fine girls out [...] by

Denise Riley on BBC Radio March 21, 2013: For those Denise Riley fans among you--or newly reckoning, perhaps because of Dana Ward's recent piece--check out a reading and talk with the poet on BBC Radio's show The Verb, dated just this March 15 as part of a segment on grief and writing: Denise Riley's poem 'Part-Song' was written after the death of her son Jacob, as was her [...] by

Hanging Out With Cathy at the Bar February 14, 2013: At the corner of the hill where our street meets a thoroughfare you can find a gallery, a vintage store, & bar. The vintage store, Nvision, is gorgeous. I stop in from time to time. Though often I just soak up the looks she's arrayed in the window, especially pretty to see late at night as she keeps the displays lit after closing. The [...] by

Nice Conjunct of Denise Riley’s ‘A Misremembered Lyric,’ Joanne Kyger + George Stanley November 9, 2012: John Latta at Isola di Rifiuti wrote recently of Denise Riley, Joanne Kyger, and George Stanley--a lovelier bunch we can't think of at the moment--it's, moreover, about the "tender chaos of a momentary lingual void: speechlessness gumming up the works." More: Or is it the residual glossolalia of the century itself, its tumult of [...] by

2012 Forward Prizes Go to Denise Riley and Jorie Graham October 2, 2012: The Guardian has just announced the winners of this year's Forward Prize, and they include the first American female winner ever--that would be Jorie Graham! And Denise Riley takes the prize for best single poem, for her first published work in a decade, "A Part Song." We pointed to that when it was first published. Congratulations to all. [...] by

Barry Schwabsky’s Honest Take on Denise Riley’s New Work June 4, 2012: We are so grateful for Barry Schwabsky! For Hyperallergic, he's just written at length about Denise Riley's newest publications in over a decade--we told you about the nine-part poem, "A Part Song," that appeared in the London Review of Books. She's also written Time Lived, Without Its Flow (Capsule Editions 2012), a very small book of prose [...] by

First Denise Riley Publication in Over a Decade March 27, 2012: News from Ken Edwards at the Reality Street blog: Denise Riley has published her first poetry since Reality Street's Selected Poems more than a decade ago. "A Part Song" is an elegy or lamentation in different modes, following the death of her son in 2008, and appears in the London Review of Books (9 February). Denise has also [...] by

Thinking Verse: Denise Riley Reads Milton and Fashion Exerts a Pressure March 1, 2012: This is amazing: Denise Riley reads Milton. Also check out the other contents of Thinking Verse. The Henri Meschonnic essay, in particular: There have always been fashions. But this fashion exerts a pressure, the pressure of many accumulated academicisms. An atmospheric pressure: the air of the times. Opposed to this suffocation of [...] by