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Kristen Gallagher on Coding Poetry February 25, 2013: We continue to be excited by the emergence of smart digital poetries and sophisticated critical discourse to match. Case in point: over at Jacket2, Kristen Gallagher takes us on a walk through of some of  Alejandro Crawford's recent work, which she says, "is not only technically cutting edge, it's weird and funny and fun." Gallagher's [...] by

Twitter Verse: The Pentametron Poet Robot February 19, 2013: There are hundreds of millions of people who use Twitter, including us. Some writers use the platform for composition. Vanessa Place, for example, has been tweeting the entire text of Gone With The Wind 26 characters at a time. And then there's a program called the Pentametron, which creates poetry couplets by randomly pairing tweets [...] by

The Frequency Project: Scott Rettburg’s Machine Poems February 18, 2013: Our code-writing skills are adequate at best, and so we admit to being easily dazzled by ambitious digital poetry projects, especially ones that involve large data sets, Oulipian constraints, and well-executed code. But digital poetry requires an audience of readers who can be critical as well as dazzled. Fortunately, Leonardo Flores has [...] by

E-Literature Exhibit at MLA Features ‘Multimodal Poetry’ and ‘Literary Games’ January 7, 2013: [caption id="attachment_59165" align="alignright" width="499"] From Jody Zellen’s “Spine Sonnet”[/caption] If you're at MLA this year, take a break from the inevitable hotel lobby madness and visit "Avenues of Access: An Exhibit & Online Archive of New 'Born Digital' Literature." Drawing on the success of last year's exhibit, "Avenues [...] by

Game poems, contemporary art, cliches and the promise of digital poetry December 7, 2010: At NewScientist's CultureLab, Jim Giles takes a look at the various emerging forms of "digital poetry." Hypertext and electronic literature are nothing new, people have been capitalizing on the interactivity of code to add media to their text (or text to their media, or text to their text) since the discovery that everything sounds cooler when you [...] by