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IOWA-PART TWO: THE REVENGE April 12, 2012: PREVIOUSLY, ON IOWA PART ONE… Back To The Lecture At Hand.... It was Saturday night and poets Derrick Brown, Beau Sia and I were performing at The Mill in Iowa City during The Mission Creek Festival.  Beau opened with a killer rendition of his famous piece, "Deep" and ended with What Must (really for real) Be Said a poem [...] by

“If you give me a dollar I’ll take my top off / and let you see my heart” November 24, 2010: Laurel Nakadate's film Untitled simultaneously makes poetry sexy and succeeds in making sexiness entirely beside the point, reducing the body to simply a matter-of-fact vehicle for commenting on itself. Nakadate invited porn actresses to "audition" with the poems of Dora Malech, which HTMLGIANT's Jackie Wang sees as the perfect source material for [...] by