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You’re Not The Only One: Sherman Alexie Tells NYT He Would Like to go on a First Date with Dorothy Parker, ‘Get Verbally Eviscerated’ November 8, 2013: Thanks, NYT, for getting the scoop on one of our favorite poets and fiction writers, Sherman Alexie. We love hearing what poets read, where they read, and who they have a crush on! Read on: Describe your ideal reading experience (when, where, what, how). I am a very promiscuous reader. Anytime, anywhere. But my favorite place to read [...] by

News from Under the Table: How to Drink Like Dorothy Parker November 7, 2013: Uh, yes: a martini, please? Who's that? Oh, Ms. Parker! So lovely to see you! ...Eh, we're a few years late. But Kevin Fitzpatrick of The Dorothy Parker Society, offers up a few suggestions if you'd like to start drinkin' like a [Dorothy Parker] -champ! Fitzpatrick is the author of Under the Table: A Dorothy Parker Cocktail Guide. Time and [...] by

They’re Not Dead, They’re on Facebook March 12, 2013: Our friends over at HuffPo Books remind us through this neat list of "The Liveliest Dead Authors Online" that publish or perish might also be perish then publish! Ellen Meister writes about how she got Dorothy Parker up and running on Facebook: A few years ago, when I got the idea to resurrect the ghost of Dorothy Parker in a novel [...] by