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Reviews of 6×6, Issue #26, Are in for a Party October 17, 2012: A journal review is a rare and gemlike occurrence. Did you know an occurrence could be gemlike? So it's keepers for 6x6 #26 over at NewPages and rob mclennan's blog (they both wrote about this issue!). First off, Lesley Dame writes in general: When you pick up the most recent issue of 6X6, titled “Enough About Pigs,” you know [...] by

Dot Devota and The Dragonfly May 19, 2011: The Dragonfly (Chelsea Editions Books), by Amelia Rosselli, is a collection of poems from 1953 to 1981 that has been recently translated into English by Giuseppe Leporace and Deborah Woodard. First thing, an excerpt: Removing the ancient angels from their pedestals of piety, removing the ancient angels from their pedestal of pride, and [...] by