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Beggars’ Cant…. August 20, 2013: ...be choosers? Oh no wait, sorry wrong punch-line. In fact, as a recent article in the New York Times reveals, there are numerous ways that one can conceal one's true[-ish] tongue within the shroud of a secretive language. In fact, numerous poets have already been creators and practitioners of these "new-speaks." The great French poet [...] by

Sunflower Druid Time February 5, 2013: Hi everyone! It’s February now, which is not exactly my favorite month. I’m a lover of warm weather, a sun worshipper really, so the confluence of frigidity & darkness lays me low. There’s a clinical name for this, Seasonal Affective Disorder, which nets that tidy acronym SAD, a word that, typed up in all caps, takes on a [...] by