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To Print or Not to Print? December 19, 2013: Are digital publications running like bandits to the fledging world of print culture? At Jacket Copy, Matt Pearce surveys the scene. "What do journalists, CEOs and senior citizens have in common?" an editor for website BuzzFeed tweeted the other day. "They are the only groups of people left who care about reading things in print." So [...] by

What Do Ancient Book-Makers, 2 Pixar Alums, and E-Book Publishing Have in Common? December 12, 2013: Vellum! That's right poetry peeps, there's a new game in town. Pixar Alums Brad West and Brad Andalman have teamed up to launch (like, today!) a new, Macintosh-based App to help authors and publishers craft "pixel perfect e-books." It's called Vellum. TechCrunch weighs in: Vellum is an app for the Mac developed by a team led by two Pixar [...] by

Vive Le Booktrack September 12, 2013: Speaking of e-books... this just in from Mashable: If you listen to music while you read, chances are the sounds and words don't match up. But what if you could use one to augment the other, adding ambient sounds to your favorite book to turn it into a cinematic experience? Booktrack is a digital publishing tool that reinvented [...] by

Poetry et Le E-book Revolution May 22, 2013: 'Tis happening, friends! Not only are your favorite fiction and non-fiction books available in electronic formats—but now—your favorite books of poetry are rapidly becoming available in e-book form, as reported by The Associated Press in the Seattle Times. Part of the challenge is the devices themselves, with screens varying in [...] by

All for the Nookie? May 10, 2013: In tech-related poetry news, Microsoft appears to be offering to purchase the digital assets of Nook Media LLC: that's the tablet-size e-book reader championed by Barnes & Noble. If you've been reading le poems via Nook, according to TechCrunch: Microsoft is offering to pay $1 billion to buy the digital assets of Nook Media LLC, [...] by

The state of digital poetry publishing March 29, 2011: In Publishers Weekly, Craig Morgan Teicher reviews the current landscape of e-books for publishers of poetry. There's a heavy emphasis on "current" because the struggle for a standard that will support all of the formatting needs of poetry (and any book with a need to maintain any sort of design elements whatsoever) isn't going to come to a [...] by

What would letterpress for the iPad do for fine publishers? March 6, 2011: In The Faster Times, Andrew Gorin introduces LetterMpress, the letterpress app for the iPad created by graphic designer John Bonadies. Letterpress is a favorite format for publishers of fine poetry chapbooks and Gorin laments how poorly those translate to the current technology available for e-books. While some, like Ugly Duckling Presse and their [...] by

Breaking! E-books at last recognize stanzas and line breaks February 4, 2011: Publishers Weekly reports on an amazing new development in e-book formatting: actual line breaks and properly delineated stanzas. BookMobile has already been providing production and distribution for small and academic presses for years—the ones most likely to not only publish poetry in general, but the most challenging poetry with the most [...] by