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Secrets of Literature: NYT’s Susan Cheever on the Untimely Death of E. E. Cummings’s Father June 30, 2014: Susan Cheever, author of the recent E.E. Cummings biography, writes about her experience researching and visiting the site of Cummings’s parents’s car crash. From The New York Times: As [...] by

24/7 Gender is Hard: Cheena Marie Lo on the Poetics of Both and Neither May 3, 2014: Cheena and I became friends after I participated in a poetry reading at their house in 2011. Since then, we have moved to new parts of town, changed jobs while still remaining friends. In 2012 Cheena [...] by

True Lives: A Portrait of e.e. cummings at Vanity Fair January 30, 2014: Susan Cheever’s father, the novelist John Cheever, looked up to e.e. cummings as a trusted advisor in his youthful Greenwich Village days. Susan, a teenager in Westchester, was miserable at her [...] by

E.E. Cummings’ Letters on Exhibit at Poets House July 10, 2012: In further exhibition news… From DNAinfo: E.E. Cummings wrote letters the same way he wrote poetry — with a playful style that freely ignored the rules of punctuation and grammar. Three of [...] by

E.E. Cummings artwork rescued from closet to go on display at SUNY Brockport March 8, 2011: After spending nearly 40 years in a closet, 51 works of art by E.E. Cummings have been restored and will go on display at SUNY Brockport. The Stylus reports that the entire collection, a total of 72 [...] by