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Eavan Boland Reviews Adrienne Rich November 12, 2012: Check out Eavan Boaland's review of Adrienne Rich's Later Poems Selected and New: 1971-2012 over at The New Republic. A sample: It has been a remarkable journey. Adrienne Rich began writing in a strange, charged poetic moment. Her first book, A Change of World, was published in 1951. She was twenty-two years old. In that era of [...] by

Eavan Boland on Motherhood, Womanhood, and being a Poet May 18, 2012: See this article on the Stanford University website, in which poet Eavan Boland talks about her life as a "Woman Poet": Although the world of poetry has become much more inclusive than it used to be, Boland said one thing remains the same: "Every young poet has to have the courage of their own experience. That's never going to [...] by