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Boy Writers: Paul Auster & Edgar Allan Poe January 29, 2014: Paul Auster spoke recently at the Morgan Library in New York about his life in reading Edgar Allan Poe, framing this study with what he called "boy's literature." Poe, Borges, and Thomas Pynchon all apparently fit the bill. Anne Margaret Daniel writes more about it at The Huffington Post (hint: the term is less derogatory, more in opposition [...] by

Freaky Halloween Special from BlazeVox and Kent Johnson! October 31, 2013: Our friends at BlazeVox, as promised last week here, bring you something terrifying for Halloween: Edgar Allan Poe! Kent Johnson! Conceptual Poetry (ahhhh)!! Without further ado, BlazeVox Films presents: E. Allan Po Reading: Anagrammatic Incantation by “Conceptual Poetry.” By Kent Johnson? Watch below! Then go here for the full text of the [...] by

Help Preserve Endangered Illustrations of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’ October 9, 2013: Hyperallergic gives some love to Liverpool illustrator and sidewalk artist James Carling (1857-1887), whose affinity with Edgar Allan Poe was such that he had "followed his meaning so close as to be merged into his individuality." Jeremy Polacek writes: "Misty and dark, Carling’s drawings mirror Poe’s terrific dream-logic, where the mind [...] by

Merry Xmas! Now Coat My Lips With Some of That Absinthe Flavored Balm December 14, 2012: Thank you, Jacket Copy, for rounding up the best Poe-themed gifts for the holiday season. Edgar Allan Poe wrote stories that were creepy, disturbing, even macabre. As authors and holidays go, he may seem best paired with Halloween. But just because he's got a sense of terror in his work doesn't mean people love him less when Christmas [...] by

The Fall of the House of Poe November 28, 2012: Poor Edgar Allan Poe. First, his genius goes unrecognized during his lifetime. Then, he dies under mysterious circumstances. Now, his old house is being vandalized! From HuffPo: The historic Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum in Baltimore, which lost its longtime curator and was shuttered in September amid an operational reorganization, [...] by

How Does America Bury Its Dead Poets? October 31, 2012: Oh right, it's Halloween! The Atlantic has a feature we think you might like: "How America Buries Its Famous Writers"! More: Writers' graves can be surprising places to visit. Unlike the luminaries housed at more elegant cemeteries, like Pere Lachaise in Paris (Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust, Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein, Richard Wright), [...] by

Another mystery, “Once upon a midnight dreary” August 13, 2012: Continuing with the mystery theme this morning, this article in the New York Times delivers an interesting missing person (or rather, mantel) story: One hundred and sixty-eight bleak Decembers ago or thereabouts, Edgar Allan Poe sat before a fireplace in a farmhouse on a high bluff on what would someday be called the Upper West Side, [...] by

When the Raven met the Little Lamb May 18, 2012: It happened, and we have the documents to prove it. Check this out, from Chicago Tribune: A one-page 1837 letter from the writer Edgar Allan Poe to the editor of a popular women's magazine has been sold for $164,000 at auction. Poe wrote to Sarah Josepha Hale, herself a well-known literary figure and author of the children's poem [...] by

Poe’s Bronx Retreat March 13, 2012: The Morning News takes a trek over to the Bronx to visit Edgar Allan Poe's Cottage. As Erik Bryan tells us, by no means was this a fancy retreat: Neil, our guide, kicked off the tour by describing Poe’s extreme poverty, which is noteworthy considering that, not counting the university, the Poe cottage is the only residence still [...] by