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Revisiting the links between poetry and mental illness February 7, 2011: The BBC‘s Alex Hudson updates some of the familiar territory surrounding the links between madness and creativity, particularly poetry. Instead of wondering whether poetry drives one insane, [...] by

Getting creepy with Edgar Allan Poe January 20, 2011: On the Denver Westword‘s Show and Tell blog, Jeff Otte has some creative suggestions for celebrating the 202nd birthday of Edgar Allan Poe. It’s a day late, but there’s never a bad [...] by

David Pogue finally gets with the Tuscan Milk literary phenomenon December 17, 2010: Yesterday’s Pogue’s Posts proves that sometimes you have to forgo the latest in technology for a proven, if years old, winner. The comments section on Amazon.com’s Tuscan Milk has [...] by

Poetry and Narrative in Performance, part II October 31, 2009: (note: this is part II of a 1996 letter from the late Doug Oliver on his book Poetry and Narrative in Performance) So we can say: “The ‘neutral’ or ‘unmarked’ tune is that which the words [...] by