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Revisiting the links between poetry and mental illness February 7, 2011: The BBC's Alex Hudson updates some of the familiar territory surrounding the links between madness and creativity, particularly poetry. Instead of wondering whether poetry drives one insane, however, Hudson wants to know if there's something about the act of writing poetry that attracts those who are predisposed to mental illness and mood [...] by

Getting creepy with Edgar Allan Poe January 20, 2011: On the Denver Westword's Show and Tell blog, Jeff Otte has some creative suggestions for celebrating the 202nd birthday of Edgar Allan Poe. It's a day late, but there's never a bad time for, as Otte puts it, celebrating Poe's unusually weird life by "weirding out your friends and co-workers." 5. Creeping In Tell-Tale Heart, perhaps the most [...] by

David Pogue finally gets with the Tuscan Milk literary phenomenon December 17, 2010: Yesterday's Pogue's Posts proves that sometimes you have to forgo the latest in technology for a proven, if years old, winner. The comments section on Amazon.com's Tuscan Milk has become an unintentional literary community, playing host to thousands of writers inspired by this "one gallon paperweight" that makes a "baby’s new face burst into [...] by

Poetry and Narrative in Performance, part II October 31, 2009: (note: this is part II of a 1996 letter from the late Doug Oliver on his book Poetry and Narrative in Performance) So we can say: “The ‘neutral’ or ‘unmarked’ tune is that which the words would assume for an average voice in a given dialect when no special emphasis is given to the line, providing there were absolute agreement between [...] by