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Follow These Weird Tweets! May 10, 2013: NYU Local lists its favorite "weird tweets" by NYU creative writing professors and wouldn't you know it: A few of our faves are Harriet regulars. Yes, "The Weirdest Tweets from NYU Creative Writing Professors" list includes tweets from poets, Eileen Myles, Sharon Olds, Dorothea Lasky and Charles Simic. Their cyber thought-bubbles range [...] by

Eileen Myles Considers Transparency in an Essay Response to Marjorie Perloff May 8, 2013: More Eileen Myles in the news! You've probably already read this one, as it's been making the rounds. If not, head to the new issue of The Volta, where Eileen Myles responds to Marjorie Perloff on conceptualism with emo in her piece "Painted Clear, Painted Black." It's infinitely quotable, as her prose is wont: Poetry’s where men get [...] by

Eileen Myles Talks to Noel Black About Shaping a Heap of Women May 7, 2013: Noel Black interviews Eileen Myles at The Brooklyn Rail--immediately striking a worthwhile point, invoking Myles's 2011 essay on poetry and gender, "Being Female," and the fact of I'll Drown My Book: Rail: ...I can’t help but think how much more interesting it would’ve been at this point in history if I’ll Drown My Book had come [...] by

Reading/Living Eileen Myles March 14, 2013: This morning at the Paris Review Daily you can find a great article about reading Eileen Myles and living the experience of reading Eileen Myles. Rachel Hurn writes about her first encounter with Myles's work while living in San Diego and buying a copy of Chelsea Girls from a used bookstore. She writes: The first thing I noted about [...] by

Eileen Myles Master Class at Chicago School of Poetics January 17, 2013: We caught wind of this news yesterday while posting about the CSoP fundraiser, and that is Eileen Myles will be teaching an online master class in April at the Chicago School of Poetics. Here is all ye need to know: Study with poet Eileen Myles in a master class workshop at the Chicago School of Poetics. This one-day online class [...] by

To Start to Realize I Am My Scene: An Interview with Eileen Myles January 15, 2013: A terrific interview with Eileen Myles is up at Trop. Myles talks with K. Bradford about consciousness and class in poetry, the form living off the page (puppets!), her Guggenheim, Snowflake / different streets, and "post-identity," among other subjects. An excerpt: KB: So are you into post-identity? Do you want that for yourself or [...] by

Eileen Myles & Maggie Nelson Respond to the Seattle Art Museum’s Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou November 19, 2012: Seattle's The Stranger interviews Maggie Nelson and Eileen Myles! The two were there to talk as part of the Seattle Art Museum's new show, Elles, which has traveled from the Centre Pompidou in Paris and comes with the tagline, "Women take over" and captions like "View the wall of women" (here). In response to some of the wall text: "'That's [...] by

Eileen Myles & Maggie Nelson Lecture: Poets on Painters October 22, 2012: This November, co-presented by Seattle Arts & Lectures and Wave Books, comes Eileen Myles & Maggie Nelson: Poets on Painters. Full info on the event here. You can also read their answers to the Proust questionnaire! by

Eileen Myles, Among Others, Create a Sister Spit Playlist October 15, 2012: The most recent Book Notes feature at Largehearted Boy centers around the book Sister Spit: Writing, Rants and Reminiscence from the Road. Eileen Myles, along with other book contributors, collaborated on the playlist. Here's Myles' entry: Geraldine Fibbers – "Marmalade" It just seemed desperate & androgynous in the best way. [...] by

Eileen Myles and JD Samson Talk Gender, Traveling, Occupy, AIDS, Art August 22, 2012: Lambda Literary points us to Recaps, where Eileen Myles talks with Le Tigre's JD Samson (who also set up the recent NYC Pussy Riot reading--good reports on that event can be read at The Nation and The New York Times). At Lambda, they talk with Martabel Wasserman about gender expression, politics, art, and the Occupy Wall Street movement. [...] by