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Literary Activism and Practicing Generosity April 6, 2011: Thank you Rigoberto González for the shout out, and for your recent post! I would also love to say a few things about “po-biz” work, riffing off that post. One of the last times I saw [...] by

Shout Out: Eileen Tabios, Poet-Editor Issue at Otoliths April 30, 2010: I’ve previously featured a number of independent publishers answering my questions: Why did you start your small press/why did you become an independent publisher? What need was not being met [...] by

Indie Publishing: Two Questions and Several Answers October 27, 2009: Thank you to Eileen Tabios, Francisco Aragón, Reb Livingston, and Rusty Morrison, for answering a couple of very broad questions regarding indie publishing for me. Below are their responses. [...] by