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This Lower World April 19, 2013: [caption id="attachment_65443" align="alignright" width="500"] Book XII of William Blake’s 1808 Paradise Lost.[/caption] This week I’ve been thinking about the moment in Book XI of Paradise Lost when Milton’s Eve laments to Adam, when the angel Michael has arrived to dispossess them of Paradise: How shall I part and wither wander [...] by

Bothered by Beauty April 1, 2013: One of the poems I like to return to is John Ashbery’s “And Ut Pictura Poesis Is Her Name” from Houseboat Days (one of my favorite book titles). He begins: You can’t say it that way any more. Bothered about beauty you have to Come out into the open, into a clearing, And rest. Often bothered by beauty, I was recently rereading [...] by

The Ethics of Literature: Elaine Scarry on Medieval Poetry at Boston Review August 1, 2012: At Boston Review, Elaine Scarry looks at Steven Pinker's The Better Angels of Our Nature, published last year, giving particular regard to increases in empathy, dispute, and beauty due to literacy revolutions. Firstly, empathy: "Pinker convincingly describes the effect of men reading best-selling novels such as Richardson’s Pamela and [...] by

The Hole (Notes) April 24, 2010: This next month I am revising and typesetting my first book of poems, tentatively titled The Hole. Writing so much criticism and essay and working a lot this past year, it has been difficult at times to hold the ms in my attention. Now that May is before me (the book is due to my publisher, the brilliant Brian Whitener of Displaced Press, June [...] by