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Elisa Gabbert on Farrah Field’s Wolf and Pilot August 7, 2013: At Lemon Hound, Elisa Gabbert points the spotlight at Farrah Field's newest collection of poems, Wolf and Pilot, published by Four Way Books. Wolf and Pilot is a collection of poems that tells the story of four sisters who might be runaways, their witchy mother, and the detective whose task it is to find them. Gabbert writes: In the [...] by

Elisa Gabbert’s Favorite Tweets January 31, 2013: We love Elisa Gabbert's poetry and perfume-essays, but we also adore her blog, The French Exit. Gabbert totally owns the list post genre. For a bit of education and some mid/late-week cheer, have a look at her favorite tweets of all time--parts one, two and three. You'll see tweets from poet Mark Wallace on the nature of rejection [...] by

Elisa Gabbert on KMSU Weekly Reader Podcast December 6, 2012: In audio news: Check out this podcast w Elisa Gabbert. The description: Poet Elisa Gabbert joins us to discuss her latest collection, The French Exit, published by Birds LLC. In this interview we chat about the second other, the editing process, audience, and revision. You don’t want to miss Gabbert’s cultural lesson and [...] by

All Work and No Play Make Poets Something Something October 10, 2012: After a successful live Tweeting of 2001: A Space Oddysey, Sommer Browning and Elisa Gabbert have organized another event. The movie this time: The Shining. Here are the details: A few months ago hundreds of funny, smart tweeters got together all over the USA to LIVE TWEET 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was LIFE AFFIRMING and fun and [...] by

Elisa Gabbert Gives Us the Poneme September 26, 2012: Elisa Gabbert, over at Lemon Hound, offers her theory on what, exactly, the most basic unit of poetry is. She begins: What is the unit of poetry? If the basic unit of prose is the sentence, the analog for poetry would seem to be the line. Sentences constitute paragraphs, and lines constitute stanzas. The only problem is that it [...] by

A Must-Read Post for Women Poets—And Everyone Else August 15, 2012: Over at Best American Poetry, some of our favorite poets--Sandra Simonds, Sina Queyras, Elisa Gabbert, Shanna Compton, Juliana Spahr, Vanessa Place and Danielle Pafunda--had a great discussion about being a woman in the literary world and its accompanying blogosphere. While it's frustrating that certain poets are invited on to panels just to [...] by

Poets Live Tweeting 2001: A Space Odyssey July 5, 2012: Sommer Browning and Elisa Gabbert are organizing a Twitter poets party! On Sunday, July 8th, at 9pm EST, Browning, Gabbert, Dan Boehl and others will be live tweeting the film 2001: A Space Oddysey. Join them, won't you? #2001! by

“An Antidote to Loneliness” April 18, 2011: Anisa Onofre, co-editor of Aztlan Libre Press, has pointed me to this 1999 article on Norma Alarcón, upon the 20th anniversary of Third Woman Press. I am especially struck by this paragraph: Third Woman Press began originally as an antidote to loneliness, when Alarcón -- a specialist in feminist critical theory, cultural criticism, and [...] by