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(Soma)tic Reading Enhancements INSTALLMENT #2 June 25, 2015: A thousand different readers of a poem make a thousand different poems. The creativity in the reading percolates through the same membrane as the writing. (Soma)tic reading enhancements like [...] by

On ‘Steady Digression to a Fixed Point’ February 2, 2015: [Note: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Elizabeth Willis’s “Steady Digression to a Fixed Point” appears in the February 2015 issue. Previous [...] by

Elizabeth Willis on Adrienne Rich’s Global Poetry June 21, 2012: In the latest issue of Artforum, Elizabeth Willis writes a tribute to Adrienne Rich, detailing the scope and courage of the late poet’s work: [Rich] was a brilliant reader of surfaces, and of [...] by