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Fragments of Emily Dickinson’s Poems on Fragments of Paper January 15, 2013: Slate's blog The Vault alerts us to more Emily Dickinson news, having accessed her letters and manuscripts at Amherst College Digital Collections--as can we all, now that they've been recently digitized! Turns out that "fragments" (so called by Dickinson scholars) of her poems were written on scraps of paper, backs of envelopes, and "sheets [...] by

Emily Dickinson Manuscripts Now Live and Open to the Public! January 7, 2013: Here's what's trending across the blogshpere: The good folks at Amherst College have digitized and published all their manuscript holdings of poems, letters, and whatnot by the Belle of Amherst herself Emily Dickinson. Here's what Mike Kelly has to say about the new publishing initiative over at The Consecrated Eminence: Last month [...] by

Emily Dickinson Artifacts December 18, 2012: Flavorwire presents 10 Dickinson family artifacts curated by Harvard University. To introduce the slides, Emily Temple writes: Emily Dickinson is probably literature’s most notorious shut-in — after all, the woman didn’t leave her family compound for a full 20 years — so we’re always fascinated by the details of her strange [...] by

“Without–the power to die–”: Joyelle McSweeney Reading Emily Dickinson November 12, 2012: Head over to Montevidayo where Joyelle McSweeney engages Emily Dickinson's poem 754 [My Life had stood — a Loaded Gun]. She starts her reading of this slippery poem by writing: In the past year I’ve found my thoughts returning & returning to Dickinson’s Loaded Gun (Poem 754). How is the body (and the body of the poem) a vessel of [...] by

A Dickinson Remix October 12, 2012: More Dickinson in the news! Check out this Smithsonian post in which they cull a few musical salutes to Emily. Fun stuff. From the Smithsonian site: What poetry 101 student could forget Emily Dickinson, that prolific and painfully reclusive writer who died in obscurity, yet became one of the most powerful figures in American culture? [...] by

Young Adult Author Reading to Help Restock Dickinson Home Bookshelves October 9, 2012: From The Boston Globe: Emily Dickinson is the inspiration for a new young adult novel set in the poet’s hometown of Amherst. At the heart of Milton resident Kathryn Burak’s “Emily’s Dress and Other Missing Things” (Roaring Brook) is Claire, a high school senior who has lost her mother and her best friend. In her grief, she [...] by

Jen Bervin and Marta Werne on Dickinson’s Envelope Poems October 8, 2012: From The Crimson: Artist Jen Bervin and scholar Marta Werner gave a talk on the portfolio of prints they recently created of Dickinson’s envelope poetry. The two produced 60 limited-edition artist books with copies of their full-color and full-scale prints of Dickinson’s original manuscripts. The books, which include a guide and an [...] by

Another Emily Dickinson Photo Mystery September 5, 2012: Emily Dickinson, who already has a reputation for being enigmatic, didn't pose for many photos. But amateur sleuth Cynthia Haven presents not one, not two, but three possible photographs of Dickinson on her blog. Each one has a certain seduction to it, but the three photos are very different from one another. Will the real Emily Dickinson [...] by

Emily Dickinson, the Opera August 17, 2012: Emily Dickinson is blowing up, huh? From The Sydney Morning Herald: One of Melbourne's favourite singers, soprano Helen Noonan [far right in photo above], is returning to the stage with her sellout show from five years ago, Voicing Emily, exploring the life and poetry of American poet Emily Dickinson. "It is beautiful music and many [...] by

Facepalm of the Day: Louisiana School Textbooks Call Dickinson “Presumptuous” August 8, 2012: Mother Jones is on the warpath against Louisiana's decision to pay for poor and middle-class students to attend private schools. It's a complicated issue, but one thing's for sure--a textbook used in several of the private, Christian schools that qualify for this program has an interesting take on Emily Dickinson: "Several of [Emily [...] by