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Turn On Your Readerly Poetic Mode of Speech Perception for This Indispensable Eric Baus Lecture July 25, 2013: A more informal lecture by Eric Baus at this year's Summer Writing Program at Naropa has turned into a must-have resource for your reading/listening pleasure. In "Granular Vocabularies: Poetics & Recorded Sound," Baus talks about, as he puts it, "the micro-level (or at least the relatively small-scale) elements of sound and language in [...] by

Eric Baus on Barbara Guest’s ‘Saving Tallow’ June 18, 2013: Eric Baus writes about Barbara Guest for the Lost Roads Press blog, LINES, recalling her early poem "Saving Tallow": Barbara Guest’s poem “Saving Tallow” from her book The Blue Stairs plays in my head on repeat, in small patches, almost daily. There are so many unpredictable, wildly assured lines in the poem (“There was once a [...] by

Review of Eric Baus’ Scared Text July 30, 2012: Julie Brooks Barbour wrote this review of Eric Baus' newest collection over at The Rumpus. She wrote it as a list description. Here's the opening. Make the jump to read the rest. A metamorphosis occurs among the prose poems of Eric Baus’s collection, Scared Text, winner of the Colorado Prize for Poetry. We are the audience, the [...] by