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From English to Galician & Back: Chus Pato & Erín Moure’s Translational Biopoetics March 13, 2014: At BookThug's blog, Chus Pato and Erín Moure have a great conversation about their forthcoming title, Secession/Insecession, an "homage to the acts of reading, writing and translating poetry. In it, Chus Pato’s Galician biopoetics of poet and nation, Secession--translated by Erín Moure--joins Moure’s Canadian translational biopoetics, [...] by

Erin Mouré on “The Tarzan Method” and Translation January 17, 2013: We've long been impressed with Canadian writer Erin Mouré. Not only does she write poems, she translates from multiple languages, including French, Galician, Portuguese, Spanish and probably several others. Her approach to translation is exuberant and playful. And now we know why: the "Tarzan Method of language learning." In a post for [...] by

Now for the Visual Experience in Erín Moure’s The Unmemntioable October 16, 2012: After a strong encouraging from Ron Silliman in his Attention Span list that we read poet Erín Moure's translations of Chus Pato, the "Galician separatist adult education teacher producing the most intense literature on a world scale in a language most Americans have never even heard about," we turn now to Moure's own work. A lovely sample of [...] by