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The Ladies Behind Hemingway’s “The Lady Poets with Foot Notes” May 22, 2012: Tongue Journal's got this bit of marginalia on their Tumblr--Ernest Hemingway's "The Lady Poets with Foot Notes," originally published in Der Querschnitt, 1924. "In satirical imitation of T.S. Eliot, Hemingway provided elaborate footnotes giving clues to identify 'the Lady Poets,'" writes the Special Collections department at the University of [...] by

The Well-Packaged Estrangement of Jack Gilbert April 2, 2012: When Dwight Garner in the New York Times, or anyone else, tells me that something is likely to be one of the year’s “two or three most important books of poetry” my sweeping generalization Geiger counter starts bleating and its needle jumps around in the red zone. That’s not because I don’t believe in important books, but rather because [...] by

I broke my fist on your jaw, or Stevens vs Hemingway March 26, 2012: Gosh, writers and their silly little feuds. They can get so worked up! Michelle Dean gives us the scoop on "That Time Wallace Stevens Punched Hemingway" over at The Rumpus. Thankfully, this isn't a celebration of machismo-fueled literary feuds. She starts by telling us: Truth be told I don’t like macho posturing in literary feuds — [...] by