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Gina Myers Talks to Graham Foust About Ernst Meister October 16, 2012: At Frontier Psychiatrist, Graham Foust is interviewed by poet Gina Myers about In Time's Rift, Foust's new translation of the work of German poet Ernst Meister. "Published by Wave Books, the collection consists of short, concise poems that 'at once entice and irritate the mouth and mind,' as translators Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick write [...] by

Death, Translation, and Ernst Meister September 26, 2012: Rumpus reviewer Alex Estes takes on the new translation of Ernst Meister's In Time's Rift, discussing this German poet's thoughts on what it is that comes after life. Miester, who died in 1979, has been resurrected by translators Graham Foust and Samuel Fredrick, who, in Estes opinion, do an admirable job balancing the spirit of the text with [...] by

Two Different Wave Books Giveaways June 19, 2012: Got a GoodReads account? If not, sign up and take part in these two different book giveaway contests. You could win As Long As Trees Last, by Hoa Nguyen or In Time's Rift (Im Zeitspalt), by Ernst Meister, translated by Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick (remember when you first hear about it?). Both books come out in September. Go! by

Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick Introduce Us to the Work and Life of Ernst Meister June 14, 2012: Over at Poetry Society of America: Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick, translators of Ernst Meister's In Time's Rift (Im Zeitspalt), forthcoming in September from Wave Books, have written a great introduction to the work and life of the writer (1911-1979). The facts: Ernst Meister had already begun writing poetry, prose, and dramatic [...] by