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Wrapping Up: Year-End Lists to Start Your 2014 Off Right at Volta December 4, 2013: Here come the first of one of our favorite genres: the year-end wrap up. The Volta presents "Best of 2013" lists from John Keene, Noah Eli Gordon, Amaranth Borsuk, Kazim Ali, Bhanu Kapil Rider, Drew Scott Swenhaugen, and Laynie Brown + more! Here's a sneak peak at what Volta has to offer, with a list from Amaranth Borsuk: Best Books of [...] by

Change to Vision: Jared Stanley’s ‘The Phoropter’ December 3, 2013: We're into these new optics from Jared Stanley's Evening Will Come essay (from the December issue), "The Phoropter." Stanley's initially referring to the optometrist machine, but gets allegorical (whynot!): Some poems may work like a clarifying medium, a lens; I also like the kinetic action of The Optometrist interacting with The [...] by

Thinking About Poetry With Others: Joshua Marie Wilkinson’s Reviews Issue of Evening Will Come November 4, 2013: A new issue of Evening Will Come is up--the monthly poetics journal and arm of The Volta (Joshua Marie Wilkinson confesses his mother refers to the "online multimedia site" as "his blog"), and November is the reviews issue. First to read is Wilkinson's introduction to the issue, where he makes a case for it: "But the work of reviewing—of [...] by

Evening Will Come: Women Looking at The Last Vispo Anthology August 5, 2013: Over at The Volta, "Evening Will Come" collects responses from women poets--including Jessica Smith, Amaranth Borsuk, and Sharon Mesmer--on visual poetry. Curated by Nico Vassilakis, the collection of responses is in direct opposition to the "sausage fest" that has inhabited visual poetry since the 1960s. It’s true, the genre of visual [...] by

Feminist Poetics Issue of Evening Will Come January 3, 2013: Denver poet Sara Renee Marshall has tightly edited a "Feminist Issue" of the online go-to Evening Will Come, and it features some good'uns, including "25 Tiny Essays on the Value of Forgetfulness and Sleepiness" by Dawn Lundy Martin and an interview with Lisa Robertson by Julie Carr. One of the most compelling parts of the issue might be the [...] by