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Berl’s! Berl’s! Berl’s! Berl’s! September 11, 2013: Humungous congratulations to Farrah Field and Jared White, who are opening a brand new small press poetry bookshop in DUMBO in mid-September. From Craig Morgan Teicher at Publishers Weekly: A new bookstore is opening in New York City, in Brooklyn's hip DUMBO neighborhood--and if that's not remarkable enough news in itself, the store will [...] by

Elisa Gabbert on Farrah Field’s Wolf and Pilot August 7, 2013: At Lemon Hound, Elisa Gabbert points the spotlight at Farrah Field's newest collection of poems, Wolf and Pilot, published by Four Way Books. Wolf and Pilot is a collection of poems that tells the story of four sisters who might be runaways, their witchy mother, and the detective whose task it is to find them. Gabbert writes: In the [...] by

We Like Dan Magers and Farrah Field and They Went on a Poetry-Reading Tour and Sometimes Aim for Controversy October 10, 2012: Fresh on/off their Brooklyning of the western United States, Dan Magers and Farrah Field (who were joined on their poetry-reading tour by Jared White) got into some real controversial conversation over at the Studio One Reading Series blog. Such as! Farrah Field: During grad school, we were asked to go around the room and say something [...] by

Bringing a New Readership to Poetry at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop August 23, 2012: Over at Poetry Society of America, there's a great interview with Jared White and Farrah Field, AKA Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop! Berl's usually has the latest, loveliest chapbooks by local and national poets (in addition to other small-press books and wares), and they set up shop at The Brooklyn Flea, which ensures some non-poet-buying, we'd [...] by