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MAST January 24, 2011: 46. Back when considering mess, I suggested an approach akin to ekphrasis. Where the response to non-literary art is neither an ode nor elaborate caption, perhaps barely even a dialogue between the poem and, say, painting. Instead, the poem would attempt to do what the painting does at a dynamic level versus an (a) dialogic or (b) allusive [...] by

MASS January 17, 2011: 17. I’ve written of failure in a poem as rubble, mess I could mess with. Of how I thought that syntactic ruin was a byproduct of revision—mistakes and accidents to delete. And of how I came to recognize that a finished poem could document and display the act of working something from the wreckage. 18. In effect, the poem may perform an [...] by

MESS January 10, 2011: 1. My poetry is often guided by an impulse to fail. When this is the case, writing is an attempt to salvage something from the mess. 2. The bluesman makes an assertion, then revises it, restating it. The repetition is no righter than the originary line, but he’s moving on. Perhaps the accumulation of variations will be right. Maybe that [...] by

Douglas Kearney January 10, 2011: For the next two months, poet Douglas Kearney will be Harriet's "Craft Work" blogger. “Craft Work” is a Harriet feature in which poets, translators, editors, and publishers talk about the creative work done in their respective fields. Harriet will host a featured writer on a bimonthly basis, and periodically present live discussions between [...] by

Notes on a Correspondence December 16, 2010: I recently paid a visit to Thom Donovan's blog Others Letters, which intends to reproduce correspondence between writers or between writers and artists. I immediately began to consider which of my correspondences (if any) would be worth reproducing. The only one I've ever kept assembled as it appeared was with the artist Will Yackulic. Will [...] by

Dave Haselwood & The Auerhahn Press December 10, 2010: Dave Haselwood founded the Auerhahn Press in 1958. The first title he printed was The Hotel Wentley Poems by John Wieners. The story I have heard (from Dave himself) is that he loaned Wieners his own room at the Hotel Wentley, as Wieners was without a place to stay; when he returned, he found the room empty but for a sequence of poems typed and [...] by

Cedar Sigo Speaks! December 9, 2010: Craft Work with Cedar Sigo by

Live interview with Cedar Sigo TOMORROW 4pm EST December 8, 2010: Join us here at Harriet tomorrow, December 9, at 4pm EST for a live interview with "Craft Work" blogger Cedar Sigo. The CoverItLive comments section will be open for questions, so feel free to ask Cedar about his writing process during the course of the interview. San Francisco poet Cedar Sigo was born February 2, 1978. He was raised on The [...] by

Readings December 2, 2010: I have never thought of readings as anything other than inevitable. They are always offered as proof of my way of hearing or listening. On occasion I have produced and tailored pieces with an upcoming reading in mind, but I've never planned much in the way of “performance.” I've always identified with Tom Raworth's description of his [...] by

TRY! November 17, 2010: Try is a xeroxed and folded 8-and-1/2-by-14-inch magazine issued by poets David Brazil and Sara Larsen. It began appearing out of the Bay area in 2008, maintaining an impressive rate of two-issues-a-month during its first year. More recently, Brazil and Larsen switched over to printing Try once a month. I tend to send them my intermediary [...] by