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Found text #2: Because I can… December 14, 2009: jd >> fact that it is my edited selection of words. What is writing besides >> picking out words and putting them together in a frame? If I'm picking >> the frame and the words and putting them together, it's my writing. If Weird - I am working on a piece about Dara Wier starting from the artificial but useful [...] by

Found text #1: Life just got life-ier… December 9, 2009: This is a 2-part (or multi-part, considering the amount of territory to cover) discussion about interior monologues and found-text as resource. Posed as a series of questions to writers whose work is rooted in the rearranging of found (web-specific) content. I'm interested in the value of ownership, where does the world you're in settle into your [...] by