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What Was Flarf?: Jordan Davis Reviews Diana Hamilton’s Okay, Okay March 26, 2013: Most poets need an income. Some of us teach or are freelance copywriters. Some of us work for nonprofits or consulting companies. Most of us, at some point, have worked in a cubicle, and all of us have to develop methods for creating time to write. We regularly recommend Frank O'Hara's Lunch Poems to young poets who have recently graduated [...] by

Favorite Poets in Pop Culture March 11, 2013: And by "pop culture," Flavorwire means characters in film and on TV; they've compiled a list of the top ten "Favorite Poets of Pop Culture Characters" for your reading and viewing pleasure. Some of the references are familiar and recent. We remember Don Draper reading  Frank O’Hara’s Meditations in an Emergency during the season two [...] by

Joan Mitchell: An Installation February 8, 2013: [caption id="attachment_60686" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Joan Mitchell, August 1935.[/caption] How does one install a quadriptych painting that is eight and a half feet tall and twenty feet wide? Very carefully! This week we welcome the Poetry Foundation's newest exhibition, Joan Mitchell: At Home in Poetry. Joan Mitchell’s mother [...] by

Lawrence Ferlinghetti Interviewed at Interview January 10, 2013: Pardon the redundancy, but make your way over to Interview to read this great interview with Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Christopher Bollen leads the conversation and introduces the piece by comparing Ferlinghetti to that other great American revolutionary George Washington: Our heroes tend not to own stores. But there is an exception—poet [...] by

The Aesthetic Tensions in Kent Johnson’s A Question Mark Above the Sun December 10, 2012: Over at The New Republic is a review of Kent Johnson's new book, A Question Mark Above the Sun (1st ed., Punch Press; 2nd ed., Starcherone Books) which aims to illuminate "the mystery behind Frank O'Hara's most famous poem." That's "A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island," unearthed by Kenneth Koch at an O'Hara memorial reading; [...] by

Newly Surfaced Footage of Frank O’Hara in Richard Moore’s USA: Poetry (1966) December 4, 2012: Ron Silliman scooped this the other day, but but we can't help help. Newly surfaced footage of Frank O'Hara from a film by Richard Moore: USA: Poetry (1966). Got 15 minutes? Sure ya do. As noted in the video, O'Hara died a few weeks after this film was completed. "Suds in the lake / suds in my heart." Courtesy Thirteen/WNET New York, Richard O. [...] by

Hazlitt Thinks on Poetry and Painting November 29, 2012: Over at the Canadian Random House site, better known as Hazlitt, writer Linda Besner has written a delicately provocative piece called "Why We Should Treat Poetry Like Painting," claiming that a) Frank O'Hara would have rather been a painter (but doesn't that poem really resonate here -- "There should be / so much more, not of orange, of / [...] by

How Does America Bury Its Dead Poets? October 31, 2012: Oh right, it's Halloween! The Atlantic has a feature we think you might like: "How America Buries Its Famous Writers"! More: Writers' graves can be surprising places to visit. Unlike the luminaries housed at more elegant cemeteries, like Pere Lachaise in Paris (Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust, Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein, Richard Wright), [...] by

MoMa’s “Modern Poets,” Featuring Frank O’Hara’s Lunch Poems June 5, 2012: If you're lucky enough to be in NYC on June 8 or 15 you can check this out: In the 1960s, when poet Frank O’Hara worked at MoMA, he often spent his lunch breaks roaming the streets of midtown Manhattan, finding inspiration in the bustling city and its people and writing poems about his encounters. For our special summer session of Modern [...] by

Baroqueness: Gertrude Stein, C.K. Williams, John Donne, Peter Paul Rubens, John Milton, Frank O’Hara April 20, 2012: "Where's SARDINES?" All that's left is just letters, "It was too much," Mike says. --Frank O’Hara, from “Why I am Not a Painter.” O’Hara and Goldberg talk about composition. What to put where in the picture and how much. Poems have compositions too, distinct or semi-distinct from their subjects. What to put in the beginning so as [...] by