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But Sexism Matters: Calling Out Frederick Seidel on Rachel Kushner Review July 16, 2013: At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Nicholas Miriello takes Frederick Seidel to task for the poet's recent review of Rachel Kushner's "widely lauded novel" The Flamethrowers, which appeared in The New York Review of Books a few days ago. Miriello feels that Seidel "at times doesn't even bother writing complete sentences, let alone a sound [...] by

Apparently the Best Poet We Have Is Frederick Seidel September 5, 2012: The Chicago Tribune, in its "Life Lessons" section, has published a feature on the poet Frederick Seidel, entitled "Frederick Seidel's Sordid Glory." Huh. Michael Robbins leads with shocking news: The clearest sign that American poetry is in disarray is that the best poet we have is Frederick Seidel. I say this approvingly, for one [...] by

Don’t Wax the Poem April 1, 2010: Maybe all poets are nerds or they wouldn’t be poets. But not all poets write nerdy. Some are suave, which can be a good thing. Some are elegant in an elegant way. Nerds can be elegant in a backwards way, by retaining their bumps and inelegances, bumptious idiosyncrasies, a being-in-life at least as much as in-literature. There’s plenty to [...] by

Of Love and Chain Letters (Borderline Ballads) August 6, 2009: The New York Post reported yesterday that the Madonna once called on Anne Sexton's poem "Love Song" to justify her love of a former bodyguard, Jim Albright. "In a fax dated Dec. 24, 1993, Madonna wrote to Albright: 'I was the girl of the love letter/ the girl full of talk of dreams and destination . . . the one with her eyes half under [...] by