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Mac Low, Cage, Root Poetics April 3, 2014: [caption id="attachment_83964" align="alignright" width="500"] Photo by Anne Tardos[/caption] The basic question behind what I think of as root poetics sounds simple: what is language doing—for the poet, for humans at large, for the world—in fact, for itself? What is it doing there on the page/in our eyes or in the air/in our ears? The way [...] by

Six Gallery Poets Featured in Photo Exhibition February 19, 2014: We just found out about this magnificent photo exhibition currently up at Utah State University's Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art: Nobody Goes Home Sad: Photographs of the Six Gallery Poets 1956-2000. Walter Lehrman photographed his friends at a poetry reading in Berkeley shortly after they made waves in San Francisco with a reading at the [...] by

Snyder, Hillman, Wojahn, and Barnett Honored by the Academy of American Poets September 27, 2012: Wonderful news coming from the Academy of American Poets today. Winning the big Wallace Stevens Award for outstanding and proven mastery in the art of poetry is Gary Snyder, while Brenda Hillman takes home a Fellowship for distinguished poetic achievement. Two other poets winning for individual volumes of poetry are David Wojahn for World [...] by

Gary Snyder, Joanne Kyger, David Meltzer, Huey Lewis & Friends Celebrate Lew Welch July 17, 2012: The City Lights blog has done a writeup of the recent Celebration of Lew Welch's Ring the Bone, which took place last week and had Gary Snyder gathering friends: "He brought Joanne Kyger, David Meltzer, Peter Coyote, Jerry Martien, Steve Sanfield, Tom Killion, and Huey Lewis (!) to the San Francisco Public Library for what was a very inspired [...] by

Governor of California Gets Poetic March 9, 2012: To celebrate Arbor Day, California Governor Jerry Brown incorporated the verse of his friend Gary Snyder into a press release. See this, from the LA Times: But when it came time draft a proclamation in honor of Arbor Day, the sort of mundane chore that most governors would think little to nothing about, Gov. Jerry Brown felt compelled to [...] by

Kenneth Rexroth has a posse February 9, 2011: SNAC: The Social Network and Archival Context Project has launched a prototype of what it described as "Facebook for dead people" at the Code4Lib Conference on Tuesday. Using existing data from institutions like The Library of Congress and OCLC, the system provides an array of related links and information on each subject, publications to which [...] by

The Gary Snyder and Jim Harrison Guide to Deep Ecological Success December 2, 2010: Following up on their conversational documentary The Practice of the Wild, Gary Snyder and Jim Harrison carry over the discussion to book form in The Etiquette of Freedom. In SF Weekly, Jonathan Kiefer is pleased to find that despite a title that could signal "some crummy blowhard's latest George W. Bush–nostalgic gas blast of foreign-policy [...] by