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Ernst Herbeck’s “Golden ABCs” at Jacket2 January 7, 2013: If you reached the end of the recently published collection of Ernst Herbeck's poems, Everyone Has a Mouth (translated by Gary Sullivan and published by Ugly Duckling Presse), and, like us, wanted more More MORE! then surf over to Jacket2 to check out his “Golden ABCs.” We'll let you read the poem yourself, but will lead into the jump [...] by

A Review Slaloms in for Ernst Herbeck’s Everyone Has a Mouth November 15, 2012: Ever since W. G. Sebald first wrote about his wanders with Ernst Herbeck in both Campo Santo and Vertigo, we've been keen on knowing more about the obscure German poet. Lucky for us, and everyone, Ugly Duckling Presse has just published the first book of Herbeck's poems in English, translated by Gary Sullivan. BOMBLOG has Wendy Lotterman [...] by