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TURNING TABLES: On Geoffrey Gatza’s Apollo April 17, 2014: In which I talk about reading Geoffrey Gatza's Apollo and Geoffrey talks about making Apollo   Divya: Reading Apollo I will lay my cards on the table.  I’ll put this offer on your table. We’ll make a deal under the table. And then you will turn the table. The drama of the table—never blank, never rasa—comes from [...] by

Geoffrey Gatza’s Duchampian Apollo February 10, 2014: At the Huffington Post, Loren Kleinman talks with poet and publisher of BlazeVOX, Geoffrey Gatza. They discuss Gatza's new work, Apollo, a "conceptual poetry collection" inspired by Marcel Duchamp's art, life, strategies. For Gatza, the book acts as a readymade and uses the form of a ballet. More: GG: ...At its heart, this book is about [...] by

The 2013 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair Recap May 29, 2013: On Friday, April 5th I found myself in the wrong rust belt city, surrounded by the wrong group of rust belt poets. I was in Cleveland when I was supposed to be getting ready to write an "Open Door" feature on the 2013 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. Like John Carter of Mars, I found myself transported to the wrong place and wrong time for the civic [...] by

Big Night, Big Dinner: How Chef Gatza Feeds a Poetry Reading October 25, 2012: Buffalo is known for its vibrant poetry scene, which comes from equal parts great poetry and strong community. The Buffalo News reports that Geoffrey Gatza, publisher of BlazeVOX Books, has been feeding both sides Buffalo's literary life. Literally. He's making dinner for them! It clicked for Gatza in 2009. Michael Kelleher, who was [...] by