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Letters of a Pastoral Landscape: Reviewing Alec Finlay’s Question your teaspoons: Stonypathian memories June 13, 2013: Calum Rodger reviews Alec Finlay's new book, Question your teaspoons: Stonypathian memories (Dunbar: Calder Wood Press, 2012), for Glasgow Review of Books--the book, Rodger notes, borrows its title from [George] Perec. "Finlay’s poetry establishes a dialogue with the past, augmenting old voices with phenomenological reflections from the [...] by

Zut! George Perec interviewed in English May 12, 2011: France Culture gives us snippets of George Perec speaking with journalist Kaye Mortley just a few months before his death in 1982, with the permission of ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). "What a Man!" You can also listen to the full 29-minute interview, wherein Perec speaks about the puzzle between Roussel, Flaubert, Stendahl and [...] by

Constrain yourself: 50 years of Oulipo November 18, 2010: The 2010 Conference on Constrained Poetry promises lectures and workshops on the language of numerology, "poetical mathematics," and other startling discoveries in the in field of limitation. Conceived as a celebration of 50 years of Oulipo by UNCA Associate Professor of Math Patrick Bahls with Literature Professor Richard Chess, the conference [...] by