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cento for love April 3, 2014: written for a performance with Dohee Lee and Simon Pettet on March 28, 2014 Poetry is not for the passive. It is, as Mayakovsky knew, at its very heart tendentious. Even the love poem agitates the beloved to fall in love with the poet. Like the first time I ever heard “Crazy in Love” is the only time I’ll ever understand. Once [...] by

Nice Conjunct of Denise Riley’s ‘A Misremembered Lyric,’ Joanne Kyger + George Stanley November 9, 2012: John Latta at Isola di Rifiuti wrote recently of Denise Riley, Joanne Kyger, and George Stanley--a lovelier bunch we can't think of at the moment--it's, moreover, about the "tender chaos of a momentary lingual void: speechlessness gumming up the works." More: Or is it the residual glossolalia of the century itself, its tumult of [...] by